Anger, Forgiveness and Type

If you wanted to narrow down all the problems in human relations into one word, that word would probably be "anger." It's the signal that something is wrong between people, yet after millions of years on this earth, we still don't seem to know what to do with it.

In the last 30 years, however, there has been a revolution in human relations. We have developed techniques that allow us to speak about what's wrong without making things worse. It's like a dream realized, that we can talk about what led to our anger, in a caring and civil way, with the person who caused it.

In this series, we combine the tools of communicating anger, the tools of type awareness, and many people's personal experiences with anger, and bring you what could be the most helpful information you will ever read. Imagine your anger always leading to improved relations with the people around you. Imagine it turning into forgiveness and increased affection for others.

It's all possible, right now.

"I could see that my nephew felt caught between two equally undesirable options, criticizing people to their faces or behind their backs. I see all of our kids re-living the pain of their parents. What do you do with this overwhelming desire to give voice to your anger? Do you speak it to their faces, or behind their backs?"

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