Developing Your Personal "Type Emulator"

An "Emulator" is a computer program that translates applications that were written for other kinds of computers. In our own way, we all need "personality emulators," to help us when we're faced with situations that are outside of our "operating systems." This issue breaks down the basic skills of each of the temperaments, and provides you with simple exercises to help you develop each of those skills and become a more adaptable person.

Dr. Marlowe Embree, psychology professor and consultant, created these exercises for his own clients, and is the guest editor of this issue.

"SPs look for sound - bite solutions that are obvious and easy to implement. The next time you're stuck, ask yourself, "What's the simplest thing I could do about this?" Try to frame your answer in one sentence - no more than ten words, words of no more than two syllables each. The best approach may be so simple you've been ignoring it."

$2.00 (8 pages)
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