The Gift of Listening

Listening to the people in our lives with attention and sympathy is probably the best thing we can do for them, but it isn’t easy, for any type. Listening is a skill that must be learned and practiced, and we can always get better at it.

To find out what makes a good listener, we asked people of all the types, “Who are the best listeners in your life?” and “Who are the worst?”

To find out what listening is like for the different types, we asked people of all the types, “What are your strengths as a listener?” and “What are your challenges?”

From their fascinating responses, we gathered useful techniques for improving your listening skills, even when the speaker is confused, emotional, challenging your values, saying things that aren’t interesting to you, or saying things that are too interesting to you. The people in your life will enjoy talking to you more after you read this series, and you’ll find that listening to them is a richer experience for you. Guaranteed!

When someone is describing events that made them feel emotional, ask yourself the question: "What were they feeling when this happened?"

Then it becomes easy to know what to say, the words are right there..."How discouraging," "That sounds frustrating," or "That must feel so unfair."

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