Our Favorite Type Breakthroughs

What do we mean by “type breakthroughs?” We mean those moments when you see that your life connects with the theory of psychological type, and you find yourself saying, “Now I understand!”

Those “breakthrough” moments are what type is all about; they’re why we love type. That’s why we asked experienced type practitioners to tell us what their favorite type breakthroughs were, in their personal and professional lives. 

This series is fascinating, fun and will probably lead you to remember your own favorite type breakthroughs.

“I noticed that for the types that were rare, like the INs, their biggest ‘ah ha’ would be understanding themselves, why they’d always felt different and at odds with the mainstream.

“For the more common types, like the ESs, their insights would be more about other people. They’d say things like, ‘Now I know why my daughter and I are butting heads all the time, why my husband drives me crazy, and why me and my mother never get along.’”

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