Learn Your Type

Read the four choices that follow. In each, choose one as best describing you, even if it's just slightly.
Choose the one that comes easiest to you and feels more natural. It doesn't mean that you are that way all the time.
Try to answer as you really are, not how you are trying to be, or have to be at work.
Keep in mind that it's not better to be one or the other. Both are valuable.
This is for your information only. No record is being kept of your answers.

Are you an Extravert or an Introvert?


  • Outwardly directed toward people and things

  • Comfortable in groups and among strangers

  • More energized when they are with people

  • Like to have many friends and acquaintances

  • When they have a problem, like to talk it out

  • Don't mind being in the public eye

  • Probably do more talking than listening


  • Inwardly directed toward their own thoughts and reflections

  • Comfortable in one-on-one interactions with familiar faces

  • More energized when they are alone or with one other person

  • Prefer to have a few long-standing friends

  • When they have a problem, prefer to retire and think about it

  • Prefer to work behind the scenes

  • Probably do more listening than talking

I am an Extravert (E) I am an Introvert (I)

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